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Toddlers class

ages 3-5

Mon & Wed Gi  |  Fri Nogi 530pm-600pm

This 30 minute class is a great way to introduce the little ones to Jiu Jitsu. They'll have fun while learning the basic movements of jiu-jitsu which encourages body awareness, coordination and control. Uniform/attire for Monday and Wednesday nights will be in a GI/Kimono; Fridays nights will be in No-gi/workout attire. 


Kids class

ages 5-12

Mon & Wed- Advanced GI 6pm

Thurs- Basics GI 530pm

Friday -all levels Nogi 6pm

Saturday -all levels Nogi 9am


During this class, Kids go through dynamic warm ups, movement/ positional drills, technique of the week and close out with sparring. Great for kids that are looking for something new, whether for fitness, competition or just a new hobby.


Morning class Adults

Tues & Thurs -Intermediate Gi 10am

Sat -Intermediate Gi 730am 

 This class is suitable for all skill levels.  You can expect more movement drills, while learning specifics of a technique. 


Night class Adults

Mon-Advanced Gi 730pm

Tues- Basics Gi 630pm

Wed-Sparring Gi 730pm

Thursday-Basics Gi 730pm

Friday-Intermediate Gi 730pm

  • Advanced class - Covering chained techniques, movements, drills and positional sparring at a faster pace.

  • Intermediate class - this class merges basics and advance together providing two things; building up the beginner student from basics and creating a solid foundation for the advance students game.

  • Basics class - This detailed class covers more movement techniques, foundations of escapes and sweeps.


Kids competition class

Thurs-GI 630pm

This class prepares students ages 5-13 for competition. focusing on chained techniques, movements and sparring.



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